Letter from The Pastor

Notes from the pastor

August 20th, 2017

Parish News

Parking Lot: Thanks to all the parishioners for putting up with some inconvenience while the parking lot was refinished. It is nearly completed. I also thank the school, EBI, for doing a fine job with it. It really enhances the environment of our worship space and the school.

Parish Feast-ival: Our upcoming parish feast is a great opportunity for all parishioners to come together and experience fellowship and community prayer. The Church is not the building, the people are. It is the people gathered in prayer (ecclesia) that constitutes the Church.

There will be lots of fun, games and food. It is an occasion for us to celebrate our faith, our Christian heritage and life, and at the same time recalling memories of our patron saint, Augustine of Hippo.

Saint Augustine is a larger than life figure in Christian tradition. He is a prominent person among the Fathers of the Church. Prominent Christian thinkers and writers up to the 7th Century AD are considered as Fathers of the Church because, they, through their preaching, teaching, writings and Christian living has inspired and nurtured the nascent Church. He is studied and acknowledged by practically all Christian denominations. Classical works of Saint Augustine, The City of God and The Confessions are taught in universities around the world, even in our present times. His expositions of Christian doctrines, such as the Trinity, Grace and the understanding of the problem of evil, etc. are unmatched even to this day. Our feast day celebration is an occasion for us to thank God for the gift of such a wonderful saint.

Novena Prayer: As a preparation for the feast, we are inviting all parishioners to pray the Novena Prayer. It is nine consecutive days of prayer that the faithful are requested to recite for the spiritual welfare of our community. The Novena Prayer is available in the vestibule of the Church. Kindly take it home and pray as a family prayer, or individually. It can also be prayed for one’s own personal intentions.

— Father Augustine