Mass Intentions & Stewardship

In Our Prayers

Please remember in your prayers those who are ill: Anita Eble, Eileen Powditch, Robert Springer, Elaine Zabriskie, Keith Mixon, Nathan Taylor, Patricia Sims, Patricia Watkins, Danica Truchlikova.

And those who have died: Matthew Smith, Mary Arnold, Arthur A.J. Jacob.

Mass Intentions
Saturday, May 26th 2018, 5 pm
Parishioners & Benefactors
Sunday, May 27th, 2018, 8 am
Sunday, May 27th, 2018, 10:30 am
Florence Morrison (+)
Sunday, May 27th, 6 pm

Financial Stewardship
May 27th collection: $3,103. Includes EFT.
Catholic Charities of the East Bay: $844.

Electronic Funds Transfer
Responsible Stewardship Made Easy!
Did you know that…
43% of Americans pay one or more bills by direct deposit.
51% of Americans use direct deposit for paychecks.
97% are satisfied with electronic payments
80% of Social Security beneficiaries use EFT to receive benefits.
If you would like to start making your contributions by electronic funds transfer, you may pick up a form at the registration table next to the hospitality table.

Matching Gift Program – Help Your Parish
If your company/place of employment has a matching gift program, please contact your HR department for details on how to double your St. Augustine’s plate contribution.


Lighting the Way: 2018 Bishop’s Appeal

The 2018 Bishop’s Appeal is a way for us to come together in unity to serve others and be generous in sharing our blessings. This is a yearly appeal that assists our diocese by funding a variety of ministries, services and programs that benefit many throughout the East Bay. This year’s theme is Lighting the Way.

The goal at St. Augustine’s in 2018 is $12,800. So far, we have met 34.59% ($3,858) of our goal.

Every family is asked to make a proportionate sacrificial pledge or gift to the Bishop’s Appeal by completing a pledge card.  This pledge can be paid over the next 10 month.

We realize that not everyone can make the same size gift, but we can make the same size sacrifice.  Whether you choose to make a pledge or a one-time gift, all gifts are greatly appreciated.