Sunday Offerings

A note from our Pastor, Father Augustine Joseph

We are in difficult and uncertain times. We want to thank all of those who are generously contributing to the Parish.

I want to thank specially those who give electronically. Others, who use envelopes, kindly mail in your contributions. Thanks to all who are already giving (electronically or through envelopes) in a spirit of stewardship. May God reward your generosity. I invite all of those who are able to, please contribute to make up for our lost income.

If anyone would like to contribute through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), kindly contact Linda at (510) 653-8631 for additional information. You are also invited to donate through PayPal. You can make individual contributions or on a recurring basis. Please see the information below.

Paypal Link

You can make safe and easy tax-deductable contributions to Saint Augustine Church through this direct link or by searching for @staugustineoakland on the PayPal site. Please contact the Parish Office if you need assistance.